For Decades I Have Explained that Watergate Was a CIA Scheme to Remove President Nixon from Office

Now Tucker Carlson  Explains:  “The Deep State Removed Nixon, The Most Popular President Ever, to Cover Up CIA’s Murder of JFK.” 

Carlson is correct that Nixon was an enemy of the Deep State, but the plot against Nixon originated prior to Nixon’s meeting with CIA Director Richard Helms.  Nixon was removed because he was normalizing US relations with the Soviet Union and China.  This was seen as taking away the needed enemies for the military/security complex’s budget and power.  This was also the main reason the CIA murdered President Kennedy.  Kennedy, having come face to face with nuclear war in the Cuban Missile Crisis, was working with Khrushchev to normalize US-Soviet relations.  President Trump’s intention to normalize US relations with Russia was the reason Trump was removed from office. Note that Biden has learned the lesson and does everything possible to raise tensions with Russia.  After the CIA’s removal of three US presidents, what future president will dare to move against the CIA?

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