EU Already Caving On Their 2035 Combustion Engine Ban, Considering Allowing E-Fuel Vehicles

It appears the EU could already be giving up ground on its proposed internal combustion engine ban, set to be put into place in 2035. 

On Tuesday morning it was reported that the EU has now “drafted a plan allowing sales of new cars with internal combustion engines that run only on climate neutral e-fuels”, according to Reuters. The plan comes as part of a compromise proposal with Germany over the existing 2035 ban plans. 

Under the plan, cars that run on carbon neutral fuels would be placed into a new type of vehicle category. 

E-fuels are synthetically made fuels that can be made using hydrogen in conjunction with  captured carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. The source for the components of the fuels generally has to be sustainable in nature, such as wind or solar power. 

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