The Great Eurasian Merger

Eurasia is a sleeping giant that, once it finally wakes up, will be able to dictate its own rules to the US and its allies.

The world is not only tired, but exhausted, at the very end of its civilizational vitality, and all this is a consequence of almost eighty years of American global terror and hegemony. The US has arbitrarily and arrogantly granted itself a right that it perceives as sacred and inalienable, which is the freedom to intervene politically, economically, and militarily anywhere on the planet that it clearly considers its possession. In this American worldview, all other nations are merely a means to American ends, a source of cheap resources, cheap labor, cannon fodder, or if they refuse to fit into the Pax Americana, they become enemies that must be wiped off the face of the planet by any means available. How else to explain the unofficial but fundamental postulate of the American foreign policy philosophy, which implies that every American president must lead the USA in at least one major military intervention, or in at least one war, be it a hybrid war like the one being waged against Iran and China, a proxy war like the one being waged through Ukraine against Russia, or is it total war like the one against Iraq? Since the end of World War II, in which the US was last on the right side of history, in the name of false democracy, false human rights, bizarre crypto-satanic ideologies, and a twisted vision of “political correctness”, the US has launched 19 wars and is responsible for over 12 million human victims. However, the story does not end there because the US does not show the slightest intention to give up the continuous implementation of violence against other nations, their states, and peoples.

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